Rivers, ponds, lakes, streams – they all contain truths (Muhammad Ali)

Lake Trasimeno

From the gardens of Villa La Torre, the eye is captivated by a massive, vivid lake, which has dominated life in this region for a million years.

The remains of a prehistoric sea, Lake Trasimeno – the largest lake on the Italian peninsula - has enthralled, inspired, delighted and amazed for millennia, attracting a unique diversity of wildlife and flora, along with such historical luminaries as Leonardo da Vinci, Aldous Huxley, Hannibal, and Emperor Claudius.

In April 217 BC, Trasimeno was the scene of a famous battle in the Second Punic War; and vestiges of its multi-faceted history exist to this day in the form of medieval villages, a 14th-century monastery, and ancient castles liberally peppered around the local towns and encircling hills.

Nearby Panicale – “the balcony of Lake Trasimeno” – is just minutes away from the Lake. Five ferries ply its 128 square-kilometre unpolluted waters, offering both access to Trasimeno’s isolated islands and stunning views of the surrounding olive groves, vineyards, orchards, pines, willows and 30-metre poplars, all set against a breathtaking backdrop of the Subasio and Amiata mountains 70km to the east and west.

In addition to sailing and pedalo hire, Lake Trasimeno’s land-based amenities include a 50km lakeside cycle-track, cross-country paths, horse-riding and fishing – the lake is rich in carp, pike and tench.

And, for those important get-away-from-it-all moments, Trasimeno’s clean water, clear air, and sandy beaches offer the ideal environment to relax and absorb the carefree calm and dreamy peace of this magical region.

Italy and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy (Bertrand Russell)