You may have the universe if I may have Italy (Verdi)

The ancient Umbri tribe came to Umbria in 1200 BC. 400 years later, the Etruscans came. Then the Romans. Then the Goths, the Byzantines, Saint Francis, the Papacy, and the French…

…Now it’s your turn.

Villa La Torre offers a comfortable modern apartment base and/or main house from which to explore the natural, cultural and religious wonders of "Il cuor verde d'Italia" (the green heart of Italy) – medieval villages, olive groves, ancient abbeys, 14th-century castles, torchlight parades, fine wines, arts and crafts exhibitions, black truffles, “living” paintings, religious processions, vineyards, street markets, museums and mouth-watering Umbrian foods – plus elaborate festivals of music (e.g. blues festival every July-August), flowers, artistic kites, poetry, hot-air balloons, helicopters, dance, ultralight planes - and chocolate!

Villa La Torre is located 4 km from Panicale (sacred place of the Roman god Pan), a medieval walled village where Umbria’s multi-cultural history combines hypnotically with the emotive countryside to provide a powerful experience of tradition, mysticism and architecture, set against a stunning background of dramatic mountains, peaceful forests and a mighty lake.

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Italy will always have the best food (Diane von Furstenberg)
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